Concluding Point for First Intervention, Adoc: “An Unsustainable Decision”

Brindisi – Brindisi Adoc is opposed to the redesign of the regional emergency/urgency network at 118 Brindisi that will result in the closure of the Cisternino First Intervention Point starting next June 1 and the downsizing of the operations of other Point First Responders located in the province, which will be active only at night and on holidays. According to Giuseppe Tsepo, regional president of the Consumers Association, ASL Brindisi is an “unsustainable and dangerous decision for citizens”.

“Unsustainable – explains Zippo – as the problem of manpower becomes a unifying reality over time without ever careful planning to avoid damages. So we will not make the mistake of denying what happens to force majeure circumstances.” “To demonstrate how we have deplored for some time – continues Zippo – the fact that inconveniences and inefficiencies are registered not only due to staff shortages but also due to unscheduled structural interventions in a timely manner despite two years of blockage due to the pandemic.” So it’s “a dangerous situation – reads Adoc’s note again – because the lives and health of the citizens are at stake, and the numbers in front of them seem worthless, as in the case of Cisternino’s first point of intervention for which it is expected to close on June 1st though Valle Dietria in the summer has a population of tens of thousands of tourists.

“In the meantime – says Tsebo – after the doctor in the garrison of San Vito de Normani was dismissed 118, the remaining active points are Ceglie Messapica, Fasano, Mesagne and San Pietro but only at night and on holidays.” All of this “could only increase the burden – says the head of the Adoc – in the emergency room at Perino Hospital in Brindisi, which is already severely overcrowded due to staffing and structural shortages, leading to cases on the verge of sustainability”. “Today more than ever – concludes Zippo – there is a need for health care that has been repeatedly invoked and never fulfilled, but above all from a competent ruling class, in the technical and political spheres, which knows how to respond to the needs of the citizens.”

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