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And the’ Die At the age of 80 years. American actor Bo Hopkinswho starred in such classics as American Graffiti, Midnight Escape, and The Wild Bunch at the age of 80.

fierce look Hopkins He has been famous for playing thieves and villains in movies like wild bouquetAnd the American graffiti Midnight escape.

He died at Valley Presbyterian Hospital in Van Nuys, in the Los Angeles area, after suffering a heart attack on May 9: his wife, Sian Eleanor Green, announced this to the Hollywood Reporter.

Director Sam Peckinpä He directed it in three films: as Clarence ‘Crazy’ Lee in wild bunch (1969), as a double agent bank robber in step away (1972) and in the role of a weapons expert in Excellent killer (1975).

The role of Joo Young, a gang leader American graffiti (1973) by George Lucas dedicated him as the villain par excellence.

He also starred in successful series such as BonanzaAnd the Charlie’s Angels , Dynasty And the She wrote the murder.

Among his recent shows, Thriller U turn – reverse direction1997, directed by Oliver Stone, editor American epitaph For 2020 by Ron Howard.

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