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Nails can become a mirror of our physical health: let’s find out the causes of white stripes on the structure.

our nails, along with hair and skin, can provide us with the right tool for understanding whether our body is in perfect health or not. In fact, it often happens that you notice a dry scalp, or have to deal with acne, pimples, and skin blemishes. In this case, it often comes back to Stress or poor diet which includes the beginning Vitamin deficiency. Nails also play an essential role, as they can also be considered as a mirror of our health.

Nails: any symptoms (you didn’t know it)

White, horizontal or vertical stripes, but also peeling and yellowing of the nails – these are all symptoms of possible physical discomfort. Thus, the moment our nails lose their natural appearance, it must Deep analysis of your lifestyle, to understand if something affected their harm. Let’s explore the topic together.

Nails: What is the source of the white streaks?

our nails They should appear in pink and in uniformThus – if it shows white streaks, whether vertical or horizontal – we are faced with possible symptoms. In most cases, fonts can be produced from a file potential effect, but it can also represent a sign of vitamin deficiency and a lifestyle that is not suitable for the correct functioning of the organism. When they then start to fall apart, we face weak immune system And – in severe cases – the possibility of an imminent heart attack.

Healthy nails (InfoToday)
Healthy nails (InfoToday)

Among the various diseases, we can also mention rheumatoid arthritis, as well as anemia, lichen and Hypothyroidism. However, we should not be concerned anyway, because – as we explained earlier, most of the time it is just a matter of Stress and malnutrition. A diet that excludes fruits and vegetables inevitably leads to vitamin deficiency within our bodies.

If the situation becomes uncontrollable, we recommend Call your doctor, in order to conduct appropriate investigations into the origin of the damage to the nail. In any case, to prevent and treat structure weakness, we recommend a Bottle of extra virgin olive oil and lemon: Let the nails soak for 10 minutes, the results will be immediate.

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