Gf Vip 6 Skip the radio interview with Clarissa Selassie

Clarissa Selassie Must be a guest on It won’t happen againAnd the Radio broadcast by Giada de Missili Broadcasting on Radio Radio. The post skipped a few minutes into the live broadcast, as the presenter herself initially told her.

After notifying fans of ClarissaAnd the Smell He wanted to read the reply letter that the Ethiopian princess wrote to the editorial board:

Good morning all. As already announced on our social networks, we had to bring them here with us now Clarissa Selassieconfirmed interview and signed by Francesco’s editor, who has the same thing Clarissa Exchange messages with the intention of interfering here with us, it will not happen again. It happens that just a few minutes ago she said that she would not be there. It is right to inform those who have asked us to Clarissa. It’s not up to us guys. Unexpected events rarely happen that do not depend on us. Often we can solve it by clarifying some points, it rarely happens that it does not solve as it should be. It so happened that she told us a few minutes ago that she would not be there. Who we wondered why she wouldn’t be there and she told us she wouldn’t be there because we didn’t send her questions.

Here I don’t know what to tell you, because I’ve never sent questions to anyone, this program doesn’t work like that. We can say what about the topics we’re dealing with, but I guess he doesn’t even ask me questions Belen Rodriguez.

She looked annoyed, then greeted Clarissa Selassie In a somewhat succinct way:

We thank the young lady ClarissaWe wish you very good luck in whatever you want to do, but you certainly wouldn’t come here of my own volition. Thanks Clarissa.

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