How is the cadastral plan changed?

In the past two years, many have taken advantage of their Superbonus 110% benefits and other construction bonuses to carry out restoration and renovation work on their property. In this way, the floor plan of a building is often changed: How can the cadastral floor plan be changed?

We are talking about cadastral plan When it comes to Basic Documents To collect all data relating to a particular property. Along with research, they are essential to understanding the mechanism of distribution and use of cadastral data. The floor plan is nothing more than a scale drawing of the house itself: in case of changes, it is advisable to update the plan to avoid problems.

Let’s see in the next article How and when is the cadastral plan updated?.

Cadastral plan: when should it be changed?


Let’s see what Situations in which the area plan must be changed of the real estate you own. The reason for which the cadastral plan should be changed is primarily in the case of Controls by responsible bodies. In this case, if there are any discrepancies, there may be consequences. This is especially the case in the event of a possibility a discount.

Differences between different entities can in any case lead to invalidation of the deed of sale of the property. The plan must actually be sent in the act, i.e.real estate sale deed. So compliance should be one of the first things to check for both the buyer and the seller.

Changing the layout of the building: how much does it cost?

Bonus house

Let’s now see qIf the cost of changing the cadastral plan And who are the people who can implement it. The main costs that must be taken into account are precisely the technical costs, which will be incurred primarily for the performance of the professional who will have to make the change. The technician will also need to verify that the whole procedure has been successful carried out according to the rules.

The people who have the task of doing this are:

  • The Mohandessin;
  • The Architects;
  • The surveyors.

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