Juventus, Ramsey and the price of mistakes

They say that, in checking accounts JuventusAnd the Maurizio Arrivabene He jumped at the relationship between salary and the performance of some Juventus players. Approaching a different logic from football, the screams of certain numbers are heard. It is true that one cannot have a perfect match between salary and performance, but in case Aaron Ramsey Remarkable: In his first three years with Juventus (six months of which were on loan to Notice), played 34 matches as a rookie and cost a total salary of 35 million, more than a million per match, in very few of which he left indelible memories. It is clear that Rangers will not replace him and therefore the Juventus administration will find themselves struggling in a desperate attempt to find a solution. Or, at this point, … consensual termination of the contract will not save a total of 14 million, but at least a part of it. Despite its small size, it will still be useful in a market that Juventus must confront with a commitment to sustainability.

So Ramsey’s exit is inevitable to make way for him Paul Pogbawhether in the team or in the mountain, has already been mitigated by farewell a DybalaAnd the BernardeschiAnd the Kellini And this, most likely, a morata. There is a lot of talk about potential signings with Juventus, but a lot will depend on divestments and transfers. confrontation for Vlahovic Expect traffic scheduled for summer to January. In short, the Juventus market started five months ago, and promises to continue with equally high ambitions. But also with commitments to sustainability, the focus of letters Andrea Agnelli In the October assembly. The best way to save is to get rid of high wages that are not commensurate with useful players. It is not a revolution, the revolution of Juventus, but a restructuring. Ramsey is a mistake from a richer past where optimism about the expansion phase has apparently mitigated the risk of giving a total of 14 million to a player at risk of injury: his cancellation today is almost a warning.

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Pogba only wears Juve’s colors: fans unleashed on social media

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