Kyiv: We are in trouble in Severodonetsk | in Mariupol "Russians pile up the corpses of Ukrainians in a supermarket" – TGCOM

  1. Kyiv: We are in trouble in Severodonetsk | In Mariupol “Russians collect Ukrainian corpses in a supermarket”TGCOM
  2. Ukraine: Kyiv, destroyed more than 30% of Russian tanksANSA Agency
  3. Russia-Ukraine war, live – Kyiv: the death of a Russian commander. Severodonetsk besieged. European Union towards a naval mission for wheatdaily fact
  4. War in Ukraine, Kyiv: 30% of Russian tanks destroyed. Zelensky: Moscow is a terroristNational Daily
  5. “Russians in Mariupol dump the corpses of Ukrainians into a supermarket.” Kyiv publishes the photoHuffPost
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