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Frankie Zapata, French inventor and pilot, injured in an accident in Biscarros, is videotaped

Frankie Zapataa French pilot and inventor, crashed into a lake in Biscarros, France, while piloting a flyboard, the jetpack of his invention.

In a video shared on social media, Zapata – who was participating in an exhibition – was seen falling into the water from a great height (about 15 metres) after losing control of his flying board.

He was immediately taken to hospital, but his condition – as reported by the BBC – would not be alarming.

Zapata, at the age of 43, is well known thanks to his invention, with which he was able to cross the English Channel, in 2019.

On board, Zapata also participated in the traditional French military parade, in Paris, on July 14, 2019: President Macron greeted the company with a tweet.

Zapata is not new to accidents: As Stefano Montefuri writes, the first time he used the Flyboard Air, Frankie Zapata lost two fingers, staying in the turbine. In 2016, the alien instrument crashed into the laboratory wall and he was injured, but he did not give up as usual. “When I finally got to fly on the hoverboard, I said to myself: What I want to do in life.”

The crossing of the English Channel on August 4, 2019 was a very complicated task: as shown here, the departure took place at Sangat near Calais, the landing was in St. minutes at an average speed of about 160/170 kilometers per hour.

The initial date on July 25, 2019 (when the attempt failed) wasn’t entirely random: Zapata would have liked to celebrate that day, 110 years after the first crossing of the English Channel. In 1909, Louis Blériot completed the flight on a monoplane, which he made himself.

The son of a building engineer, from Marseille – Stefano Montefori writes here – Zapata left school at the age of fifteen despite a good average because he was too restless to be able to sit in class. After a year as a builder, at the age of seventeen he discovered jet skis. He won seven European Championships and became a three-time World Champion, despite being color-blind and unable to distinguish yellow floaters from red floaters. At the time, Frankie Zapata was living with his wife Christel in the competition truck parked in Lake Berry, west of Marseille. “We couldn’t buy an apartment, we had to get a salary, put a bail…so we’d just sit in the truck and drive around the world to race, it was great, and it was one of the best moments of my life.”

The Flying Man defines himself as “a person who is good at surviving, and I have a lucky star. I work hard, never give up and always find a way out of difficult situations.” The Flyboard Air’s complex taming is five reactors that can propel a human up to 200 kilometers per hour. On the first test flight, Zapata loses control and tries to stop the runaway car, losing two fingers. My wife wanted to get a divorce, and I had to negotiate for a long time. On the second flight, the revelation: “Everything went well, I felt that I did not want to do anything else in life, just fly.” Zapata stands on a kind of skateboard attached to a backpack with a kerosene tank. “I have 37 kg on my back and I have to balance my muscle strength. I choose the direction by moving my body weight, and I use the joystick to give more or less gas.” The flights were very noisy, the mayors of the area protested, the gendarmerie took pictures of Zapata in Zapata’s huts, and two years ago threatened to arrest him if he continued to fly. He receives offers from Dubai, from Boeing in America, so that the French government will see potential military applications and finance it with 1.3 million euros. After crossing the canal, the next challenge is the flying car. “Technically I’m already capable. But this time paying more attention to mandates.”

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