Maria Elena Bosque, A Day Without Perotti: Good Friends

Beautiful, smiling and relaxed. This is how Maria Elena Bosque She showed up on her last day full of commitments, as she was also able to take a moment to spend with her girlfriends. Not even Giulio Perotti’s shadow: her boyfriend, who has always been on the sidelines for reasons of secrecy, did not appear in the recent photos published by the Italia Viva deputy, who instead appeared pictured with some friends during her visit to the Strozzi Palace.

Maria Elena Bosque without Perotti: She only has Donatello eyes

A day dedicated to work but also to art, the day of Maria Elena Bosque, who in Strozzi Palace was literally fascinated by the mastery of the art of sculpture. Donatello. To support the photo with her friends, she wrote: “With my friends immersed in the beauty of Donatello in the Strozzi Palace, Florence. An unmissable exhibition!”.

In the circle of photos given to her followers on social networks, there is a photo of her completely immersed in admiration for one of the works of the amazing exhibition held in the Tuscan capital. However, we have already seen the dress. L ‘light dress With a dark red background it has already been shown, as someone attests Instagram sharewho shared him in promoting rural life and his love for the land he saw born.

The feud with Giulio Perotti has not been confirmed

Looks like some nude pictures of him in girls to buyPolish movie, in which he participated Paulina Galazka. Not only. The pact with the actress who shared the group with him was not so much appreciated by the ex-minister as it was unleashed – as I mentioned before Dagosbya A complete jealousy scene.

Reckless, this one, who never found confirmation from the couple who instead continued to keep a safe distance from the spotlight, just as they had wanted from the start. Cucumber Don’t show yourself on social networks She has in fact been respected by both parties, especially by him – in recent years – he has limited himself to sporadic comments under pictures of his girlfriend, with some heart and “Mia” who is now famous among those who support her.

Maria Elena Bosque and Giulio Perotti, Marriage Far and Far

There was often talk of marriage But the wedding never seemed so far away. The event was almost guaranteed but he suddenly stopped talking about it. And perhaps they cooperate in the difficult situation the world still faces and all the obligations that suck Bosky between private and political life.

The truth is that she often and willingly appeared alone, first to encourage Ferrari and then to get to the exhibition in Florence where her gaze met the works of Donatello. Everything is silent on both sides. The desire to remain discreet is certainly marbled, but it is also true that the couple allowed themselves less and less – over time – until they almost disappeared from any kind of public event.

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