Microsoft will recognize the unionization of Raven workers in Activision –

Significantly repeats what has been previously reported, Phil Spencer Confirmed that Microsoft You will recognize any trade union organization Decided by the workers inside Activision Blizzardwith special reference to those in progress within Raven Software, which voted by a majority of employees.

As mentioned earlier, the Quality Assurance Team at Raven Software He recently voted to create a trade union, the first such case within a large development team.

Phil Spencer, President of Microsoft Gaming

It is a kind of union organization within the team that is supposed to protect Staff interestsdesigned to face the difficult situation that arose inside Raven, also after a series of layoffs in a row.

As reported by Kotaku, Phil Spencer reports that “we fully support workers’ rights to organize and unionize,” which would automatically make the organization recognized by Microsoft, should the Activision Blizzard acquisition go through successfully. a company.

Not that there are other possibilities in fact, given that this organization, once established, should be recognized by law, but nevertheless it is positive that Spencer has expressed himself specifically in favor of this practice. Once the agreement is concluded, We will fully support any labor organization Within the company “.

It’s the same position Microsoft previously expressed, and has now confirmed that Raven’s vote will lead to the formation of the first in-house labor organization on the development team, despite Activision Blizzard’s management’s reluctance.

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