Panda 4×4: If you have this model in the garage you are rich

The Panda 4×4 is the model for impossible feats, the one that everyone wants to have. The history of this car officially begins in 1983, when the Austrian company Steyr-Puch developed an all-wheel drive system.

Panda 4×4, this model is worth a fortune –

The first version of Panda 4×4 It was launched in June 1983. At that time it was equipped with a 48 hp 965 cc engine, taken from the one on the Autobianchi A112. The all-wheel drive model was the first in a small transverse engine vehicle to feature all-wheel drive. The four-wheel drive system is Panda 4×4 The first string was selected manually and reduced for the first time. It was driven under normal conditions with 2nd to 5th place like all popular pandas.

Steyr-Puch produced an all-wheel drive system, including clutch, gearbox, three-section crankshaft, rear axle with differential and brakes. Everything was assembled on the body at the Sicilian factory in Termini Imeres. The car weighed 740 kg and had a top speed of 135 km / h.

Panda 4×4 model only available in 5,000 units

In September 1985 a special edition arrived, La Nuova Panda 4×4 Available in only 5,000 units, with the same mechanisms as before, and therefore with a front-transverse engine with in-line 4-cylinder 965 cc called A112B1.054, rods and rockers, it delivers 48 CV DIN at 5600 rpm. The only thing that has changed is the aesthetics. A few years later, Fiat launched the limited edition Panda 4×4 Sisley with beige faux leather and Alcantara seats, beige panels, custom dashboard, beige carpet, tilt gauge and velvet headlining.

Panda 4×4 – Motory

The peculiarity of this series was the equipment, including headlight washers, an air intake on the hood, a custom luggage rack, three-tone metallic paintwork, ivory-painted rims with studs, rear mudguards with the emblem in the stylized form of the canoe. In 1995 and 1996 the range was fitted with new 899 cc bars and 39 hp swingarms while in 1995 it was powered by the 54 HP Fire 1100. Two years later, the car celebrated its 17th year at the Geneva Motor Show.

Panda Trekking is the novelty of the new millennium

Now very close to the new millennium came the Panda 1100 4×4 Trekking with a 1,108cc engine, 54 HP, top speed of 135 km/h and to conclude a climb that was derived from trekking with some differences inside in green texture and ‘climbing’ at the rear.

Every detail made the trips expensive but worthwhile. The panda, owned by lawyer Giovanni Agnelli, was sold for 37,000 euros. 4×4 prices have gone up. Whoever has one in the garage is really lucky.

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