Paulo Bonolis’ exclusion from a very important event: what really happened?

Paulo Bonolis was the protagonist in an unexpected episode at the funeral of Gigi Prueti, who passed away in 2020: he was clearly fired. but why? This is what actually happened.

Gigi Prueti’s death, on November 2, 2020, shocked everyone who followed her in theater and television, especially those who were lucky enough to work there. Also among them is Enrico Bregnano, his pupil and considered by the Internet as his worthy heir. It appears that his partner had an affair with Paulo Bonolis on the day of the funeral, a gesture that did not go unnoticed. Let’s see what happened.

Paolo Bonolis removed from Gigi Prueti’s funeral: what happened?

Paolo Bonolis was among the many who attended the funeral of Gigi Proiti, one of the greats of Italian theater and cinema, who passed away on November 2, 2020, the day of his 80th birthday. A loss that shook all of Italy, news that really destroyed everyone and the entertainment world in the first place. Rome welcomed the late actor that day, the sarcophagus roamed the streets of the Eternal City to the Basilica of the Artists in Piazza del Popolo.

Enrico Brignano, his pupil and very attached to the actor, also gave a very kind speech which he dedicated to his teacher: “If I were as good as you, I would have composed a sonnet, a poem, to say what you really are, and what you are now, to all these people. I would describe you without any fear as an actor. Wonderful Gigi, director and instrumentalist, masterful chisel, humble strategist, craftsman happy in his shop knowing you how to play to invent life to transform he-she”

Sensing the emotion and at the moment it was hard to bear, Bregnano burst into tears and Paolo Bonolis, present at the event, tried to console him. But as we saw in an online clip, the Romanian actor’s partner, Flora Cantu, fired the conductor. but why? In 2020, everyone knows that Italy has been in the midst of a full-blown Covid-19 pandemic, with thousands of restrictions still active and fear spreading every day. Flora signaled Bonolis to stay away to avoid “gatherings,” but people on the Internet didn’t like the gesture.

After the controversy that broke out on social media at that moment, Flora Canto wanted us to clarify, sorry for what he thought of her: “But in your opinion I can never dismiss Mr. Bonolis, our great friend, because of Covid, considering also that Paolo and Enrico And I’m the most defenseless people on earth because we make TV shows? When you write stupid things especially about funerals and Covid, think about it””

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