Seasonal allergy? The reason can be very good fruit

Seasonal allergy? No one may have known, but it seems that it could be caused by a very good fruit we all eat especially in summer: What is it?

It seems impossible to believe, but it seems that 1 in 5 Italians suffer from allergies and so far things would not be so strange, were it not for the fact that the cause of this problem can be found in a specific ingredient found in a really tasty fruit, typical of the current season. As stated by, the ingredient we are talking about is histamine which probably at first glance will not tell you anything and which we can take every day.


Well, this ingredient seems to be a part of many foods That we all eat every day and among this strawberry too, a really tasty fruit but after eating it can aggravate our allergies.

Then sneezing, runny nose, breathing problems, red eyes, but don’t worry, it seems antihistamines don’t always need to be countered, in fact there are also natural remedies: that’s what we’re talking about.

Seasonal Allergies, Here are Natural Remedies to Fight It

seasonal allergies Unfortunately, it is a topic that interests many people, and even more so now that we have discovered that even an ingredient in strawberries can cause this.

Surely the most definitive way to find out if we can also face this problem is to do allergy tests through a blood test, but always according to what points out, it seems that there are also natural remedies that should not be underestimated .

first and foremost Vitamin C Which not only helps to raise the immune defenses but also in this case, it seems that one of its special functions is to relieve the release of histamine in our bodies, something that probably not everyone knows about. with her too gooseberry tree, Considered perhaps the natural antihistamine par excellence even by experts, it actually appears that even then, the fruit would act as a defensive barrier against histamines. And that’s not all, most importantly, it will have the task of regulating the immune system only when a histamine attack occurs.

In short, a panacea that is really important to our health and which obviously should always add a check up by our doctor to make sure we’re on the right track.

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