Starfinder could be the new RPG from the authors of Pathfinder –

Owlcat gamesthe team responsible for the latest RPG series Pathfindercan aim to switch starfinder In video games as a next project, even if the question hasn’t been fully decided yet.

The idea comes from a kind of teaser which arranged for Owlcat to announce what was to come next. Literally, there is a teaser site called, which means “what comes next from Owlcat Games”, or something like that.

By clicking on the link you can see a great wallpaper with avatars planets In motion and the words “A New Adventure Coming”. Obviously, the question is still very vague, but everything points to a possible sci-fi setting for the new team game.

Given the experience Owlcat has in the context of Pathfinder, after the excellent Pathfinder: Kingmaker and Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, many believe the humor might indicate a shift toward Starfinder.

Pathfinder: Righteous Wrath, screenshot

The latter is, in fact, the “brother” of the RPG-class Pathfinder and features a sci-fi setting.

Starfinder takes place in the same solar system as Pathfinder, but is far in the future compared to the latter, after a mysterious event that made Golarion practically disappear, the planet on which the adventures of the Pathfinder revolve.

We therefore look forward to any developments on this matter.

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