Steam Deck Exceeds 3000 Verified Penn Games Playable on the Platform –

Catalog Verified and playable games on me steam surfacehaving recently succeeded, 3000 games In total, but with the number that continues to grow practically day by day.

The list in question does not exactly correspond to the games that can be used on the platform, since almost all titles can be played on Steam Deck, but these are the verified ones, which therefore work optimally on the hybrid PC / portable console. It was developed by Valve and those that are “playable” and which at least somehow work.

According to SteamDB, there are 1,565 verified games and 1,535 playable games on Steam Deck, but the quantity increasing day by day, so the estimate has already gone up. Thus, verified games are those that go through some kind of quality control, while playable games can present some problems in terms of optimization, which does not preclude the use of the titles in question.

Given the huge amount of games in Steam’s catalog, it’s clear that it’s still a relatively small amount and the games are being verified, however, without a very precise scheme, but so soon after the platform launched, we can’t complain.

In the meantime, it appears that Valve has reduced fan noise with a software update in addition to that, almost all replacement parts and possible upgrades will be found on iFixit.

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