WhatsApp trick to enter a friend’s address book

This trick is very unusual and simple because it shows you something that you would never be able to see in other ways. Watch out, it doesn’t show you the names in another phone’s address book, that would be a nasty breach of privacy, but it allows you to spy on another equally interesting aspect.

As you know, everyone has a way of recording names in the phone book in a certain way. Exact nouns are used by name and surname, then others come with a pseudonym, double name, or a completely different pseudonym. Think about the weird ways you saved some contacts to your address book, don’t you love how others saved you?

Oh craigseyGetty Images

The method is easy but a little charisma is needed. Get into the conversation of the person whose address book you want to spy on and convince them to share your contact with you.

This request is weird, so you’ll need a good excuse, or go straight and ask, “Listen, can you share my contact? I need to check something.” No one is inclined to doubt such a strange and innocent request.

When you share your contact in the chat, they will read it as saved in their address book. Don’t complain if he saves you in a stupid name.

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