One not a hundred thousand: the best moments of the event in Campovolo

Seven female pop stars, 100,000 spectators, two million fundraisers to support centers for women victims of violence. ‘Make noise’, because a concert can’t solve the problem overnight, but music in making people feel part of a larger community can help them be less isolated and give a voice to those who thought they didn’t have it. a. no one. Hundred thousand Sent on the stage of the Rcf Arena in Campovolo, in order of appearance because there are no headlines and shoulder artists but they all have the same space, Fiorella ManuiaAnd the whateverAnd the Alessandra AmorosoAnd the GeorgiaAnd the ElisaAnd the Gianna Nannini And the Laura Busini. Seven pop goddesses who have already spent time together for this for other reasons, but never at an event like this, where the arena was filled with hundreds of thousands of seats.

“There will be others,” promises Manoya, who takes the reins and opens the marathon. next to her looks cabarizzain a duet like never before generaluseful for saying no to war too, e Come dance in Puglia. Each of the seven singers called on a co-star to act as a shoulder man for two songs, to amplify the message. “The problem is mainly with men, we must face it first,” the surprised, but unpublished, guests of the party reiterated the concept. It also gives intense musical moments, for the exclusive use of Reggio Emilia attendees: no delayed TV or festive DVD, “to reward something here you can only see those who have kept their tickets for two years,” says promoter Ferdinando Salzano. Grammy and deodato kicking off in intense make a fusssuggesting a sense of spontaneity, Emma E brunori sass Perhaps no one would have thought of seeing them together and instead playing as good friends. Tommaso Paradiso Which arrives Elisa looks more legal and in order, while in the back the heavyweight duo Pausini-Ramazotti on me the best thing It’s a moment of glory that Campovolo has been waiting for. Romagna is the group that clearly focuses on the primary topic: it begins with a phone call to the police from a woman asking for help, sees actresses on stage telling stories from anti-violence centers, and brings video contributions to Roberto BolAnd the Alessandro CattelanAnd the Luca Argentero.

“We need to talk but also add facts, and tonight we created a beautiful event,” says Emma, ​​who It’s like this every time He interrupts the concert to allow the assistance of a person victim of a minor illness under the stage. As Giorgia will have to do later on before From the sun and blue. It is a concert, but also a statement and not just a platonic statement: the artists have already donated €200,000 to the Pangea Project for Afghanistan and €200,000 to Cadmi, the first home of Italian-born women in Milan, while the artists have donated seven more. Anti-violence centers in vulnerable areas of the south will go to €228,000 each thanks to box office receipts. This is the meaning of a post-pop super day that invades the stage as soon as the lights are turned on. Even earlier, as the show starts at 7.30pm when it’s still daylight. Northern European times for a river party, 62 songs and over four hours of music with fast-paced changes, each one bringing their own band together before the grand finale.

Amidst a sea of ​​songs and messages repeated so as not to forget why we are here, from the stage there are female voices that mainly speak to women’s ears. On the lawn, the audience is mostly female, but as the plaza fills up, the gender ratio becomes more balanced than in the afternoon appearances. And it is useful to the cause that there are men on the podium who have a duty to speak and men on the grass have a duty to listen.

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