2 euros with a carabinieri can be equal to 10,000 euros: “crazy”

2 Euro with Carabinieri is one of the most talked about Italian coins online. There are many auctions selling this coin for several thousand euros, but is this its true value? The coin is definitely beautiful. It is one of the commemorative Euro 2 coins coined by Italy as part of international agreements with the European Central Bank that allow each country to issue custom Euro 2 denomination coins.

2 Euro with the Carabinieri was drafted in 2014 to celebrate the bicentennial of the Italian most famous gun. The occasion on which the Italian Republic chose to use that year’s digit for the production of this piece. It is possible to enter 2 Euro with the carabinieri in this long strip of commemorative coins that marked the circulation of the Euro from 2002 to today. In twenty years, 428 commemorative €2 coins have already been minted, and another 46 are scheduled for 2022.

2 euros with carabinieri: description

As most people know, the reverse of the 2 Euro coin, even in its commemorative version, remains the same for everyone. We are talking about the common side with the face value of the currency and the borders of the European Union surrounded by vertical lines reminding the 12 founding countries of the union.

And, as with every €2 souvenir, it’s the rectum that gets allotted. In this case, appears in the middle of the sculptural coin “The Carabinieri Patrol in the Storm”, created in 1973 by the Italian sculptor Antonio Berti. Next to it, on both sides, the dates of the bicentenary 1814-2014, then the letters denoting the Italian Republic RI.

As with all Italian coins, the R of the Rome mint cannot be missing. Other letters found are LDM, the author’s initials Luciana De Simoni, and those that make up the word CARABINIRI about the shape of the statue.

2 euros with carabinieri: trading and real value

The coin was minted at about 6475 million copies, a circulation process that makes it very popular and easy to trace in circulation. Instead, there are only 5 thousand coins (proof), while the number of uncirculated shiny coins (BU) is 20 thousand. Both second formats have a much higher value. But what exactly are we talking about?

2 euros with the Carabinieri, in circulation but in optimal conditions, has a market value of just under 3 euros (so far about 2.88 euros according to specialized sites, editor). On the other hand, BUs are worth between 35 and 40 euros. On the other hand, the Proof editions are those that can be worth a little treasure: in the original box complete with documents, they are also sold in numbers close to 300 euros. Due to the limited edition Proofs, these coins will be subject to an increase in value over time. Will they reach 10 thousand euros?

This is very difficult to predict. Coins with such circulation hardly reach this figure. Similar bids can be found online for certain auctions, but you need to be very careful in these cases. Even if a coin of modest value can see its value increase tenfold due to minting errors, it is not unusual to try to sample indeterminate rarities online, hoping to make more money than is reasonable to spend. Get help from a monetarist before making reckless investments.

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