A US state offers you €10,000 if you move there, to fulfill your American dream

For those who have always dreamed of living in the United States, or at least being able to buy a home there, times have always been tough. The US real estate market is crowded, and it can be disgusting. Because of the speed of buying and selling homes, and because of the prices that can be very high.

Today, however, something is changing. One of the most popular and sought-after US states has decided to help its citizens (as well as others who do not live in its territory) to buy a home. And he decided to do it with a direct injection of money: cash for those who buy.

The amount is 10 thousand dollars, more or less than 10 thousand euros, which will go directly into the pockets of the buyer. The decision came, as Fox News reported, because finding a home (especially at affordable prices) is becoming increasingly difficult.

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But which country are we talking about? You may have guessed it was Michigan. Where is Detroit, the auto industry is among the most productive and valuable in the world and dozens of centers, parks, attractions and other quiet neighborhoods usually with stars and stripes.

But how do you get a check to buy your home in Michigan? First of all, you have to want to buy a home whose price does not exceed $224,000, or else you will lose the check. It is meant for the less affluent, not to give anyone a discount. There are other criteria. Such as a “credit score” that must not be less than 640.

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