Abramovich’s move and Zelensky’s plea

War Developments: China and North Korea Postures, Zelensky’s Attractiveness, and Abramovich’s Move

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there China He tries to distance himself from Moscow by claiming that he never provided it with material assistance put it in; On the contrary, Kim Jong-un, the controversial leader of North Korea, gives full support to the “tsar”; Roman Abramovich He would have been partially successful in circumventing the sanctions. while Zelensky keep pressing forEuropean Union open the doorsUkraine. These are the main themes that revolve around the war.

Roman Abramovich transferred millions of dollars to his children

The New York Post, citing FBI analyst Alan Fowler, alleged that oligarch Roman Abramovich had moved hundreds of Millions of dollars From the assets to his children in the days preceding the entry into force Penalties.

According to the prestigious American newspaper, before imposing sanctions on Russia for the invasion of Ukraine, the oligarch made his children beneficiaries of the Europa Settlement Trust. This is a Cyprus-based fund that controls shell companies that own Abramovich’s planes, yachts, helicopters and other assets.

Image source: ANSA

Oligarch Roman Abramovich

Kim Jong-un backs Putin: ‘full support’

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un affirmed the friendly relations between North Korea and Russia. He reiterated his full support for Vladimir Putin though international condemnation for his conquest of Ukraine.

On Russia Day, Kim said that the Russian people “have achieved great successes in carrying out the just cause of defending the dignity and security of their country, facing all kinds of challenges and difficulties.” The Koreans He gives them full support and encouragement.”

China: “Beijing did not provide material support to Russia”

Beijing stressed that we must work for Peace talks. He also stressed that China will not provide any material aid to Russia. This was reported on Defense Minister, Wei Fengyi, Speaking at the Shangri-La Dialogue Security Summit in Singapore.

Then Fengyi supported the peace talks and opposed the supply of arms, showing complete doubts about the effectiveness Penalties. What is the main cause of the crisis? Who is the mastermind of all this? Who loses more? And who can earn more? Who promotes peace and who pours oil on the fire? “I think we all know the answers,” the Chinese minister said.

Conflict or war “is the last thing China would like to see in Ukraine. At the same time, we do not believe that maximum pressure or sanctions can solve the problem,” Feng added, noting that, on the contrary, it could “cause more tension.” And it makes the problem even worse.”

Beijing, which has long supported the dialogue between Russia and Ukraine, hopes that Uses and the Boy The minister pointed out to continue talks with Moscow “to create conditions for a faster ceasefire.”

Zelensky, a new appeal to the European Union

A new appeal to the European Union Volodymyr Zelensky. And new criticism of skeptical countries. “Keep Ukraine out ofEuropean Union It goes against Europe itself,” said Zelensky, who in his last video message attacked those “who are still skeptical” on this point.

Yesterday, the last stage of the great diplomatic marathon began, which will end in a week and a half – Zelensky added -. And in this marathon, we are really together with the European Union, in a team: and this team must win. I’m sure we’ll get an answer soon Candidate status for Ukraine. I am convinced that this decision can strengthen not only our state, but the entire European Union. ”

Abramovich business

Image source: ANSA

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