According to Jez Corden – the Gears of War collection for Xbox and PC doesn’t really exist

according to jeez cordonWindows Insider Reporter, Los Angeles War gear set Not only will he be present at the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase tomorrow, but in reality It doesn’t exist at all.

In response to a Twitter user requesting clarification regarding the Idle Sloth post (according to Corden the set will not be presented at a Microsoft event tomorrow), the journalist wanted to clarify, declaring that his notice there is no Gears of War set.

In short, Corden, who as we know has more than one source within Xbox Studios, hasn’t heard any rumors confirming a batch with Gears of War series games.

Nick Baker launched this reckless act last month, according to which the Gears of War Collection will indeed be released during 2022. And this isn’t the first time the two have disagreed, given that they also have conflicting opinions about Xbox console exclusivity for Indiana Jones from MachineGames.

However, it’s pointless to worry too much about which one is right, because in a few hours we’ll find out the truth: the date with Xbox & Bethesda Showcase is set in Tomorrow 19:00Sunday, June 12.

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