All for Pogba’s return

The Frenchman agreed to Juventus’ proposal, an announcement that was postponed for budgetary reasons only. Meanwhile Arnautovic…

POGBA said yes: ready to go back to JUVE Everything has been done for Paul Pogba’s long-awaited return to Juventus. The Frenchman resolved his doubts once and for all by rejecting the Paris Saint-Germain court and agreed to the Bianconeri’s offer. However, the announcement of the deal will only come in July for budgetary reasons. The agreement includes a 4-year contract.

KOSTIC DOES NOT RENEW WITH EINTRACHT – With Di Mara ready, Philippe Costek’s Juventus prices soar. Especially after the player, according to La Gazzetta dello Sport, rejected the offer to renew Eintracht. In fact, the Serbian will already have an agreement with the Bianconeri for a three-year period of 2.5 million per season plus bonuses. However, the potential agreement with the German club, which estimates Kostik’s card at around 20 million euros, has not yet been reached. A number that can drop to 15 million if the player presses.

Arnautovic’s brother speaks: “What a husband with Vlahovic” – Having denied, just a few days ago, reckless contacts with Juventus, Marko Arnautovic’s brother is back to talk about Juve’s possible future for the Bologna striker. “When he came back to Italy – according to Tuttosport – a lot of people said that my brother was not ready because he had spent two years in China. There were many who thought that Marco was no longer at the top both physically and mentally. Here, now the season is over and my brother has shown that he is still a top player. The level. He can still make a difference in any team. It is normal that there are rumors of big clubs like Juventus!” And again: “Vlahović is a high-ranking young striker and it is always good to see a talent that imposes itself in this way. Dusan, who is only 22 years old, would benefit from having a player with Marco’s experience at his side. The future? In football, anything is always possible.” … you never know what’s going to happen. This is football and that makes the world of football so much fun.”

The return of the torch to Nandez – Juve will return to take care of Nahitan Nandez. The Cagliari midfielder can free himself at an affordable price after the Sardinians’ relegation. In Turin, they are considering including Frappota in the process. Sardinian Federation Report.

David Neres, substitute for Di Maria – They are confident of Portugal: Juventus had entered the race for David Neres, Shakhtar Donetsk’s 25-year-old winger. As for “A Bola”, Benfica is still in first place, but if negotiations to bring Di Maria to Turin overtake the Bianconeri, they will put pressure on the Brazilian. For Neres, the Torino club has already formalized an offer of 10 million.

JUVE DON’T GIVE UP ZANIOLO – Pending an understanding of what Di Maria will respond to Juve’s proposal, Juventus continues to keep the radar well at Zaniolo’s front, a player considered ideal for playing in all attacking roles. Sidi’s transfer market men are waiting to understand how the Giallorossi’s talent situation will develop and, above all, to see if Roma will lower their claims compared to the 60 million requests so far to let the jewel go. Milan are also more than vigilant about Zaniolo, with the player seeming to love the Rossoneri’s destination and missing a social ‘like’ on Rafa Leao’s birthday.

Fagioli, Jovic-Fiorentina meeting – After a stellar season in Cremonese with a lot of promotion in Serie A, Juventus are looking for a place that will make Niccol Fagioli mature again. According to reports from The Nation, Juventus managers have met in recent days with Fiorentina to talk about the player. Viola expressed great interest in the young talent, but the formula for potential operation still had to be overcome. In fact, Juventus will only call Fagioli a dry loan or at most with a non-compulsory right of redemption.

RASPADORI: “Linked with JUVE? It’s fun” – From the pages of Sportweek, Giacomo Raspadori talks about his future without hiding his ambitions. “market? I will live it in balance – explained the Sassuolo striker -. The company will rate it, I’m calm and happy with what I’m doing. Big Leap? I think I’m ready because I always do my best every day and that makes me feel ready for the big changes.” “Juventus? When you get close to some club it’s a reason to be proud, you can’t help but be happy – he added with a wink to the Bianconeri -. Our dream has always been to aim as high as possible and therefore it is a pleasure.”

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