Amazon, which found ‘human material’, could be a missing English journalist –

From Sarah Gandolfi

Since Sunday, Dom Phillips and the Brazilian anthropologist who was traveling with him, a well-known defender of indigenous people who have been repeatedly threatened with death, have been missing.

“Two people in a boat, in that wilderness. An adventure not recommended. Perhaps they had an accident, or they were executed.” Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro commented, Tuesday, on the disappearance of English journalist Dom Phillips, 57, and anthropologist Bruno Pereira, 41, in the heart of the region Amazon.Explicit admission of impotence: In Brazil there are areas where the law of the jungle applies and the state does not want to do anything. Meanwhile, police found “organic material, presumably human” in the Itaqui River, near the town of Atalaia do Norte, which will now be tested for DNA. It will also be analyzed Traces of blood found on a local fisherman’s boat, Amarildo da Costa aka “O Pelado”who repeatedly threatened Pereira with death for his work against poaching, logging, mining and coca trafficking in the area.

Both Phillips and Pereira were experienced explorers. The first moved to Brazil several years ago, in cooperation with guardian and the Washington PostAnd he was working on a book about preserving the Amazon. Brazilian Pereira had worked extensively for the government agency for indigenous affairs, Funi Which was removed from it, however, in 2019 under pressure from agricultural lobbyists, near Bolsonaro. He knew very well the Javari Valley, on the border with Peru, where its traces were lost: A territory as large as Portugal (85,000 km²), which hosts about 6,300 indigenous people belonging to 26 ethnic groups, 19 of which are “isolated” Choosing from modernity. “The valley has the highest concentration of isolated peoples in the world, but in recent years this region has seen a significant increase in drug trafficking, illegal mining and deforestation,” says Survival International, a non-governmental organization active in the area. Far west where violent conflicts often erupt between indigenous communities and the so-called “settlers” who live along the river, against an indigenous reserve created in 2001.

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The alarm went off on Sunday when Phillips and Pereira did not arrive as expected in Atalaya de Norte. The next day, the journalist’s wife issued a sincere appeal asking the authorities to search for them, but after international pressure. More than two hundred customers were sent to the scene, including divers and jungle expertsTwo helicopters, dozens of boats and drones.

“Violence and threats to the indigenous peoples of the Javari Valley have been on the rise, particularly since then Fanny and the other powers are completely absent from the area you’re supposed to protectFiona Watson, director of research and advocacy at Survival International, who has visited the Javari Valley several times in the past 30 years and knows both Pereira and Phillips well, says. “The climate of illegality that prevailed in the region during the pre-election period is very worrying.”

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