Artemis launches 34 knot boat with chips and 1000 jobs

Artemis Technologies Pioneers

Artemis Technologies (the daughter of Artemis Racing known as the America’s Cup) launches electric work boats that fly at 34 knots and aims to create 1,000 jobs in the next 10 years in Ireland.

Payment system is l‘Artemis eFoiler’ Which can rely on chips to increase speed and reduce Energy consumption Thanks to the reduced friction with water Thanks chips.

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Autonomy 60 miles, cruising speed of 25 knots

Let’s see the most relevant technical data: Top speed of 34 knots, range 60 nautical miles at 25 knots. Brilliant performances announced, and so much optimism about the magic of the chip that it results in minimal wakefulness: “unbelievable Energy saving up to 90% Compared to traditional work boats powered by fossil fuelsLet’s hope and see.

electric boats
Artemis Technologies in Electric and Foil Workboat Edition

Dimensions of this multipurpose work boats: The first from 11.5 meters and the second from moving the crew from 12 meters. The crew transport boat is also currently under development from 24 meters. Ample space behind the boats are cabin cruisers.

1000 jobs planned in Belfast

electric boats
Chips and electric motor stand out

Ambitious projects for team Artemis Racing who participated in the America’s Cup whose founder is a two-time Olympic champion, Ian Percy ObiHe’s an old warrior. Despite the job-destroying rudeness of an electrician, the company he works for today 60 peopleAnnounces 1,000 jobs over the next decade.

Ian Percy, a story that began with sailing

Ian Percy

Ian Percy He emphasized an interesting aspect of this entrepreneurial experience: “Combine our acquired experience In the world of high-performance sailing, motorsport and advanced manufacturingOur electric propulsion system is a game-changer in terms of range, cost savings and minimal alert generated“.

electric boats
The Workboat experience comes from the Artemis Racing experience

The basic component of chips: “We lower the resistance significantly. This is only the beginning. Belfast and the UK will be at the forefront of creativity Thousands of jobs. The global small boat market is worth it $70 billion for the business boat sector We had a lot of interest before market launch“.

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