Barbara Dorso under guest accusation: ‘I’m spoiling…’

Dr. Devora Ancona attacks Barbara Dorso on Tik Tok. Guest of the afternoon 5, Dvora Ancona quarrels with the presenter of the program and that is why she decided to clarify some things on her channel …

A few days ago a guest afternoon five I was Dvora Anconathe doctor who supports the idea of ​​itFamous Island There are plastic surgeons who underwent their interventions. On that occasion, a Difficult to go back and forth between guest and host, Barbara Dorso. The latter, in fact, found himself having to Silence The doctor, who claimed she didn’t want to argue with anyone about having to make an audience.

after episode, Dvora Ancona came back to talk about what happened in studies 5th channelAddress the presenter through a video on tik tok.

Barbara Dorso: Devora Ankora responds

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Dfora Ancona He posted many videos on tik tok Through it, he responds to his followers about what happened afternoon 5:

Is Barbara’s patience limited? and then? what should I say? Look at his expressions as I explained Botox. But why doesn’t he want to know anything about her? Why do you think you are ready for that? Why did you act like this? I was there trying to explain but no, they just wanted me to fight.

I have a degree in surgery and medicine and specializes in cosmetology. Then I always update. Also the other day I was a specialist to find out what’s going on in the world. I was at a global conference. And what happens on TV instead? I have arrived and strangers unable or unprepared for their profession have told me I was wrong. They wanted to compare me to another doctor who had another profession.

In the following videos, the doctor said:

They just want to make me fight. Does this seem normal to you? Today’s TV must be made by serious professionals. Or show to those who are not graduates. But if the Doctor has to turn into trash to make an audience at this point, I do. And that’s it, I’m sick of making people laugh because Barbarina decided that the poor girl here would be another poor victim who would fall into her hands. Because you have to shut up with her, shut up and she did nothing more than tell me to shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up.

I lost my patience. You don’t have to invite me on TV and then try to lie to me. If you want to know something, I am a surgeon and I will explain how Botox works. Instead, he wanted to be an audience for two doctors arguing.

Who knows if Barbara You will either intend to answer or just leave it.

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