Beta registrations open, no more Xbox One and PS4 releases –

Blizzard Entertainment has opened a store beta recordings From Diablo 4with a novelty: seems to have Deleted PS4 and Xbox One versions. This is not too surprising, given that there is still a little time left to launch the game and now the old generation consoles are on the path to sunset.

Anyway, by connecting to the game page on, you are greeted with a new button that invites you to pre-register. Here are the platforms we can play on: (PC version), Xbox Series X, S and PS5. In fact, the Xbox One and PS4 versions, for which Diablo IV was previously announced, have been removed.

However, for now, Blizzard hasn’t revealed anything about it, so it’s possible that it opted for the silent removal. In fact, he did not transmit anything even at the beginning of the pre-recordings, so there is talk of “participating in future beta tests” without specifying the number of future tests. The gist is that everything is very vague, but at least there is a certainty that something is moving, given the years since the game was actually announced.

Meanwhile, Diablo Immortal has been launched, which has sparked discussion about its microtransactions but nonetheless appears to be working.

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