Bought for $ 10 million in the first division, the broker revealed: “Remember Rafael Liao”

Transfer Market for Naplesmade, but not yet formed, second shopping Then Matthias Oliveira.

It’s about the attacker Khafesha Kvaratskheliawho as of next July 1, the opening date of the summer session, will be a blue player in all respects.

Advertising, in fact, arrived recently interviews Issued by the sponsor Aurelio De LaurentiisWho introduced the Georgian striker.

the words

The former world champion and market broker commented on the deal Christian Zaccardowho spent positive words for the player compared to him, moreover Rafael Liao.

Kvaratskhelia Transfer market in Naples

I have known Kvaratskhelia for two years now, and I have been following him for some time. He has important qualities and I think he can do a good job, even if he needs some time to get used to them. He cries and dodges and if he’s wrong he tries again: he has a lot of character and everything he needs to prove himself. He has some of the same characteristics as Liao Milan. He can definitely take his own path“.

Gabriella Ricci

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