Circuit of the future: Wireless charging works on the go, here’s how | video

future circuit It is a project announced in May 2021. We remind you that Small circuit (1 km) built by A35 Brebemi in cooperation with stellants and other partners for field testing of Dynamic induction charging for electric vehicles. The experiment then began at the end of 2021. Now, after several months of testing, it’s time to take stock of the situation, both for the Stellants and for us who are talking about in our video.

MASERATI will participate in the project

An appropriately modified 500 electrician was used for the experiment (plus Iveco Bus E-Way). Stellantis says that tests conducted show that Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer Technology (DWPT) is in fact capable of recharging electric vehicles as they travel along appropriately equipped, dedicated road lanes.

I remember that DWPT . Technology It uses coils placed under the asphalt that transfers power directly to the vehicles as they move. It should be noted that DWPT’s inductive power transmission system does not require the use of external cables, ensuring that the road surface remains safe for pedestrian traffic.

Some kind of “future” should be installed on cars, capable of transmitting energy coming from the road infrastructure directly to electric vehicles, expanding the scope of autonomy. The interesting aspect is that All electric cars can be adapted In order to take advantage of this new form of charging.

The Arena of the Future project demonstrates that a BEV, such as the Fiat Nuova 500, equipped to test the system, can travel at high speeds without consuming energy stored in the battery. Tests show that the efficiency of energy flow from asphalt to the vehicle is comparable to that of typical fast charging stations. This way it is not necessary to stop to recharge. Moreover, measurements related to the magnetic field intensity show that there is no effect on the driver, passengers and pedestrians.

Experimentation will continue. Apparently, there is something new from this point of view. In fact, Maserati will also participate. The Maserati Grecal Fulgur will be equipped with this technology and will run at the Arena del Futuro to collect data and perform a detailed performance analysis.

This technology sparks interest in one of them Business development around the world Thanks to the versatility of both static and dynamic induction versions.


Article updated June 12th with video.

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