Cristina Chiapoto, Health problems during pregnancy: unfortunately the diagnosis leaves no room for doubt

Christina Chiapoto’s pregnancy has faced some setbacks over the months. Unreasonable diagnosis revealed

in a few days Christina Chiapoto She will keep, in her arms, that new life that she has been carrying in her womb ever since 9 months. now onlyFormer Miss Italy He wanted to open up with his followers and tell problem Which he deals with specifically in this last period.

at the end of the month Christina Chiapoto She will give birth to her second child. It was in 2021, specifically May, the period in which Los Maria was born. The fruit of love between the former Miss Italy and Marco Rossio. The two got married three years ago, i.e. in 2019.

The expectation of her second child is now over, Christina Chiapotochooses to reveal some details from her pregnancy. It was the same who admitted that these nine months weren’t always basic Where the woman was diagnosed with one illness inherent to Pregnancy.

What happens to Cristina Chiapoto, Aries

Christina Chiapoto's health problems during pregnancy

Women had to pay special attention to everything pregnancy period. And follow the treatments prescribed by the specialist and gynecologist. But what did he have to deal with? Christina Chiapoto? The former lady states that this, during the first pregnancy Pathology it did not appear. But now, with the second case, she’s been diagnosed with Pregnancy diabetes.

The same one who wants to reassure all her fans by addressing a Think Especially for those who are se Situation. “It can happen. The important thing is to be a good follower and be aware of what it is. Nutrition and movement are key, I try to do my best”.

The former Miss Italy also stated that she gained a lot of weight in this second pregnancy 9 kilo. Just like when he was expecting his first child. in spite of everything, Christina Chiapoto Try Del healthy sport So that he can keep Pregnancy diabetes.

So there were moments in his days dedicated to different exercises such as Pilates, aerobics, Zumba, and breathing exercises. And so, as we read about it gossipetvAnd the Christina Chiapoto She found herself dealing with Pregnancy diabetes. It is, however, a change in the organization glucose.

It is located around a illness which disappears after birth, although it can reappear after a while. So many fans who wish her so much luck And the health.

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