Diabetes can be fought in the summer with three moves: Here are the ones

Summer diabetes can be fought with three moves: physical activity, eating fresh and light foods, and living in the fresh air. Fortunately, in the summer, he can say that he has diabetes because thanks to the long days and a carefree lifestyle, diabetes problems can improve.

Among other things, a recent study conducted in Canada claims that exposure to sunlight will favor the loss of fat tissue, thanks to the effect of the blue light of the sun that will dissolve fat droplets in smaller parts. This process, supported by a series of behaviors aimed at losing weight, will be more effective in summer than in winter when sunlight is less intense.

Physical activity and diabetes in the summer

Physical activity is a real help in the fight against diabetes in the summer. As there is more chance of sweating, thus flushing out toxins from our body, and muscle strength gets the whole metabolism going. Thanks to regular sports, we can lose weight even while sleeping, as the body continues to burn fat.

We must be very careful to avoid dehydration and sunstroke. Diabetes that causes slightly elevated or elevated blood sugar can cause the body to use up water quickly. If we combine this with intense physical activity, we reduce water reserves. Therefore, it can happen that we dry out fairly quickly. In summer we should drink at least 2 liters of water per day and if we do sports we should get 3 liters of water.

The dehydration associated with heat stroke can be dangerous. We can suffer in summer with increased severity of hypotension especially when blood sugar drops at a distance from meals. We avoid putting ourselves in dangerous situations and always look for shaded areas, especially during hot hours.

Eat fresh and light foods

Through exercise, we not only risk dehydration, but also lose the contribution of minerals that dissipate with sweat. That is why we must increase the consumption of fresh foods such as vegetables, aromatic herbs and other nutrients that they contain. The first to leave us is magnesium, which is easy to consume with high temperatures.

Magnesium is an essential mineral because it supports the function of nearly all organs and tissues. In fact, it is called the mineral of athletes because it is they who are most deficient. If we don’t particularly like fresh vegetables, we can take magnesium in a natural supplement form but seek advice from our doctor first.

outdoor life

Diabetes is the result of faulty situations such as hyperactive life, high-calorie diet, and stressful life. To be healthy, our body also needs an active and clear mind. When we feel stressed, we produce a whole gamut of anxiety states that undermine our well-being.

So let’s take advantage of summer to heal our psychosomatic health by meeting friends and choosing to have a more relaxed attitude. Diabetes also begins in the mind.

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