Do you want to drive the drivers behind you crazy? Here’s how to do it with less than 20 euros and a dog

You can buy a little bit of everything online. If we talk about customizing your car, the options are many … and with this you can make the chauffeur who follows you intimidate you, if he is not careful.

Personalize your car It’s real funEspecially if you have a lot of imagination and an Amazon account that allows you to buy products that make your car fun and modern. No, let’s not talk about tuning, today we are left with less flashy and expensive gadgets that can make other drivers in the queue behind you smile or scare them, depending on how well they wake up and alert in traffic!

The dog in the car is nothing strange, is it? (Youtube site)

A while ago, we investigated The controversial fashion for “car mustaches” This hand we say comes from America: Apparently, streak-and-star drivers like to outfit their Hummers with colorful sticky mustaches and divert traffic in this way, making pedestrians spin and wonder what’s going on. This product is also on Amazon but in Italy it is so little popular that you risk getting the opposite effect compared to a nice surprise!

Also, instead of spending a minimum of $50 to outfit your car with a mustache, you can get much better feedback from the drivers around and behind you for a paltry sum, for example Less than twenty euros? It’s all about choosing the right decal to stick on your rear window.

The eye runs away from the dog

We found it on amazon This is a fun realistic poster Which puts a small dog running out of the back of your car. It costs $16, practically nothing with the proper exchange rate for the euro! It won’t be a spoiler for the Mitsubishi Eclipse nor the neon to stick under the Cadillac Escalade, but it looks like a great addition to your decal collection to stick in the car.

Sheba Amazon 10_06_2022 Quattromania
Al Sheba the Fugitive, oil on canvas (Amazon)

The best-selling poster appears to be the poster depicting the Japanese Shiba Inu but there Many models and races One of the most demanding dogs of you. It would be interesting to see a version with a possibly ferocious animal riding on a safari jeep: who knows the reactions of those following you?

By searching on Amazon or any other online shopping site, you can find Dozens and Dozens of adhesives of this type. There is something for everyone. Which one did you choose?

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