Dragons in Israel: Energy, Ukraine, and Anti-Semitism – Politics on the Table

It will start tomorrow Mario Draghi’s first visit to the Middle East as Prime Minister. The mission to Jerusalem precedes other important international commitments in the coming weeks, including the G7 and NATO summits and a visit to Ankara.

At the heart of meetings with the highest Israeli institutions will be the strengthening of bilateral relations, the situation in Ukraine and Food Safety With the need to avoid the current crisis, energy issues, the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, and anti-Semitism. This is stated in a note in the background of Palazzo Chigi.

In terms of economic cooperation, Italy and Israel have a solid business partnership – as shown – especially in the innovation sector and ICT. In 2021, there was a positive and sustainable recovery in trade, far exceeding pre-Covid levels, which amounted to 4 billion euros (+25.6% compared to 2020), with Italian exports of 3.1 billion (+25.9%) and imports of 910 million (+24.6%).

In addition to the traditional sectors of Italian corporate presence in the country (innovation, start-ups, energy, infrastructure and communications), more opportunities are being provided to strengthen economic and trade relations through transportation, sustainable mobility, biomedicine, space and cybersecurity. as part of Collaboration and research in the health fieldThere is great interest from both sides to cooperate in the fields of digital health, molecular health, precision medicine, medical technology, and pharmaceuticals.

regarding energy issuesFor the Italian government – as President Draghi has emphasized several times in recent months – the issue of energy security is a priority. In particular, diversify the sources of supply, with interest in natural gas – of which Israel has huge resources. In a meeting with the press recently, President Draghi recalled the EU-funded feasibility studies for the Eastmed gas pipeline project, which is nearing completion. In the next few days, the same EU Commission President von der Leyen will be in Israel. It should also be noted that Italy and Israel are founding members of the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum, which continue to cooperate for the joint use of gas resources in the Eastern Mediterranean, as well as for the development and commercialization of renewable energies, such as hydrogen.

“Italy also shares Israel’s desire to accelerate,” he added transforming power systems, to take advantage of technological innovation and to continually re-launch collaborations in “R&D” and its industrial implications. With this in mind, ministerial-level thematic consultations were held in November 2021 on priority issues including: renewable energy; hydrogen; Smart digital network electric car.

fight anti-Semitism. It is a traditional topic of dialogue with the Israeli authorities. Italy is committed both nationally and internationally: to preserve the memory of the Holocaust; By participating in the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) and adopting the IHRA’s definition of anti-Semitism; Appointing a national coordinator and presenting the national strategy to combat anti-Semitism. Italy supported the Israeli initiative of the United Nations General Assembly resolution on Holocaust denial. Italy was among the first countries to co-sponsor the text (approved on January 20 last).”

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