Electric, sporty and economical? Here is the Chinese Quiantu K20, a lot of power for only 12 thousand euros

An economical electric sports car, it’s any motorist’s daydream but perhaps a dream destined to come true thanks to the Chinese market always ready to leave everyone speechless.

Qiantu K20 Chinese Electric Sports – Motori.news

The news specifically comes from China and is called kianto k20 . The Car Electric sports economy It mounts two motors, four-wheel drive and weighs less than one ton. Not much will be heard of the Qiantu brand.

It is not one of the latest innovations in the global automotive scene because already in 2016 the car manufacturer produces such cars. The car manufacturer is headquartered in Suzhou, after introducing its first model, it sold a few hundred units between 2018 and 2020.

An economical two-seater, zero-emissions electric sports car

Today, Qiantu is back on the offensive with the introduction of a two-seater, zero-emissions vehicle. The new Qiantu is the K20, it has a range of 500 km, the starting price is about 12,000 euros in China. The exchange rate is 12,161 euros. Over the years, the car owned by the CH auto group received funding that allowed it to continue working and developing the new car project Economy electric sports car Which looks especially interesting in terms of autonomy and other characteristics.

Economic Sports electric-Motori.news

she is beautiful coupe which promises to split traction on 4 wheels, with two electric motors one for each axle, and a maximum power of 218 hp And a torque of more than 290 Nm, and the mass is much less than a ton, we are talking about 800 kg. Thanks to its featherweight and stealthy cavalry, the Qiantu K20 goes from 0 to 100 per hour in 4″ 7. According to the first technical characteristics, this appears to be the best car available on the Chinese market at low and attractive prices. The focus is also on the top-of-the-range version with a price tag of 20,000 Euro only.

Battery for rent based on customer request

To make the device more interesting is the fact that the Qiantu K20 can rent the battery according to the customer’s requests.

This reminds us very much Renault That at the time of the appearance of its first electric cars, anything but cheap, gave only that possibility. Among the first things we remember zoe.

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