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After the alert issued by Cna news agency about the risk of bankruptcy for more than 30 thousand small and medium-sized companies, the government and Parliament are working on a solution to ensure that the Superbonus 110% and related credit transfers start again (many banks) in fact, announced that they are closing the taps due to capacity accessed, thus boycotting the purchase of tax credits associated with the construction bonus). Now, the way appears to be cleared in the aid decree, which will be debated in the House of Representatives next week. There is talk of a rule allowing companies to keep their credits in an ice chest, waiting to find a buyer.

The taps are closed

If the balance transfer mechanism is not restarted, the risk Cna fears is very real. In fact, many companies have accepted jobs using discount on invoice, without customers paying them directly. The state must pay the bills through various rewards. But now that the Post Office, CDP, and banks are unable to buy credit, and provide liquidity, the entire system is about to jump.

Suggestions in the field

As mentioned the first solution given in some mods is to save credits for a year or more while waiting to find a buyer. Another possible solution would be to expand the audience of those who can buy tax credits (companies today can only sell to banks, while in the third attempt banks can transfer credit to a large corporation). For their part, the banks are proposing to use the tax credits obtained from Superbonus to buy government bonds with a maturity of at least ten years. Solutions on a board Mario Draghi has already said clearly that he does not like: now we will try to save the business, but the Superbonus shirt will hardly fit.

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