Fedez, heartbreaking voice and fear of death: ‘My kids won’t remember me’

“I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die, even my children won’t remember me.” The sound is the sound videos, The audio is just one of those, heartbreaking, that the artist wanted to publish in his stories and that comes from the interviews he had with the psychiatrist who followed him from the moment the disease was discovered. He cries, despairs, and says that he is afraid of death: in fact, he keeps his promise, that is, little by little he tells about his journey with the disease to help those who find themselves in the same circumstances.

Fides and Illness: “My priorities have changed. I will share everything as Viale did with me”

“Good morning. I don’t know why today I decided to listen to the session of the psychiatrist the day I found out I had pancreatic cancer – wrote Fedez in a brief introduction and necessary to spread the sound – I weep, weep with pain and joy. One thought can destroy me more than Fear of death: That my children will not remember it. Well, today I wonder if all this has really taught me. Because man has a tendency to turn away and forget. And I don’t want that.”

Fidez talks about the disease: “I was lucky with a tumor. It was as if I saw the world in colour.”

And here, after the introduction, the first voice heard crying out loudly: “I don’t want to die … I do not want to die … My children will not even remember me,” he says writing these words as a comment: “I do not want to forget that important things are not things “Keep that window open all the time. With a heart.” He posted a snapshot of his two children, Vittoria and Leone, writing “You are the most precious thing a person could want in their life.”

In the voice, of course there is no shortage of words for the wife Chiara Ferragni: “At the end she is always the strongest of all.” In the caption, she directly addresses her partner: “Then there is you, who must be stronger than all.”

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