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From Maria Volpi

In his Instagram stories, Fedez posted part of the session he had with the psychiatrist on the day he found out he had pancreatic cancer.

A new step in the story of a disease videos. The singer chose to share another memory with his millions of followers, this very special one: his session with a psychiatrist on the day he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The rapper has always talked about his illness through social media, from the moment of diagnosis to the moment of the operation, and he lived with his wife Chiara Ferragni, who did not leave him alone.

A cry of joy and pain for Fides, with the artist opening Sunday morning sharing reflections on the discovery of pancreatic cancer. The singer, in fact, in Instagram stories shares not only words, but also excerpts from audio sessions from the psychologist going back to the moment of the discovery of the disease. Good morning – writes Fides -, I don’t know why today I decided to listen to the hearing of the psychiatrist on the day I found out I had pancreatic cancer. I cry – he writes again – I cry with joy and pain. For Fedez, one thought could destroy me more than fear of death, of not remembering my children, he reveals, and then wondering if all this really teaches me. Because man – as he says – tends to distance and forget. And I don’t want that. Because Fedez, above all – he writes, while the short sound is passed along with the artist’s cry during the session with the psychiatrist – does not want to forget that important things are not things. Leave that window open at all times. with the heart.

The rapper publicly showed his tears, the pain and suffering he felt at that moment, and his thoughts towards his wife Chiara Ferragni, who went through such a difficult path with him. Then there’s you, who has to be stronger than anyone else, Fedez wrote an accompanying letter to the voice in which he speaks as he weeps to his psychiatrist. Take these sayings you made as you see fit: desire to participate, delusions of character, or narcissism for themselves. I don’t care much. I just want those who are faced with a similar situation to know that it is perfectly normal to feel some sensations, he says, then adds: You are not alone, you are not a stranger, the message with the wish one day.

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