Fever: identifying responsible neurons

The news comes from Harvard University in Boston about a promising achievement that could actually improve treatments for so-called “fever”.

In the popular scientific journal Nature, the results of new research by scientists from Harvard university Boston, in connection with the so-called “fever”.

We are often confused without realizing that a file Fever no It’s a real disease, but a sign of illness. A sudden increase in body temperature that occurs as a signal of the organism’s reaction to certain pathological phenomena. Then the organism “responds” to the threat with a fever.

Most commonly, fever is a single response flu syndrome, caused by seasonal viruses. The new published research also refines the “importance of the brain” in the body’s reaction to external factors. And the neurons that are really responsible for the fever have been identified.

Neurons that ’cause fever’ discovered through experiments on mice

Fever: identifying responsible neurons

Chills, nausea, fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, are the typical symptoms of fever, the body’s reaction to some perceived risk. The nervous cells that cause fever but also other symptoms typical of some infections have been identified by researchers at Harvard university Boston.

To understand which parts of the brain are actually responsible for coordinating symptoms, scientists are leading scientists Catherine Dolac experienced in mice.

By injecting guinea pigs with substances that cause a reaction such as fever, which is a type of reply Celebrate that you may be allowed to improve Significantly treatments diseases chronic.

lipopolysaccharides, which mimic the effects of
Bacterial infection, and polycystic acid mimics it infection Viral are the two molecules that are injected into mice that stimulate one of them
reply infections severe, which in turn causes symptoms such as Fever.

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In the rat brain during the experiment, those in the preoperative medial ventral area were identified Solid damage Zoo and curl. nervous cells Which is then activated in this way Important when
The mice are given the molecules that produce the disease.

When the researchers “turned off” the aforementioned neurons, a Drops In the physical response to Induced infectionswhich is a fact that indicates the importance of nervous cells Identified in the process that the body sets against the dangers.

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