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Diabetes Find out your risk with simple questions specially designed by researchers: It can help prevent.

Unfortunately, there are many people who have problems with diabetic, or with high blood sugar. This problem can be caused by insufficient production of insulin, the hormone that regulates the level of glucose in the blood, or by a defect in it.

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Like many other diseases, preventive action is also important for diabetes; That’s why I The questions put by some scientists may make you understand whether you are at risk or not.

Diabetes, find out your risk by answering the questions: Here they are

A patient can develop diabetes even without symptoms, so it is always important to keep your clinical condition under control and take careful preventive work.

To understand if you are in danger, he can undergo this command Findrisc . surveyIt was developed as part of the study “Diabetes risk score. A practical tool for predicting the risk of developing type 2 diabetes”; Consists of eight questionsthe questionnaire can allow you to calculate Diabetes risk in those who answer the questions within the next 10 years.

The scientific validity of these questions is world famous, which is why it is not a simple test; The European Society of Cardiology and the European Society for the Study of Diabetes also recommended it in the context of prevention.

Specifically, the survey reported by GreenMe:

0 points – less than 45
2 points – 45-54
3 points – 55-64
4 points – over 64

  • What is your body mass index?

0 points – less than 25 kg / m2
1 point – 25-30
2 points – above 30

  • What is your waist circumference?


0 points – less than 94 cm
3 points – 94-102 cm
4 points – more than 102 cm


0 points – less than 80 cm
3 points – 80-88 cm
4 points – more than 88 cm

  • Do you exercise for at least thirty minutes a day?

0 points Yes
2 points no.

  • How often do you eat fruits and vegetables?

0 points every day
One point not every day

  • Have you ever been prescribed medication for high blood pressure?

0 point no
2 points Yes

  • Have you ever found that your blood sugar is too high?

0 point no
5 points yes

Diabetes How dangerous are you
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  • Do you have any family members with type 1 or type 2 diabetes?

0 point no
3 points yes: grandparents, uncles, and first-degree cousins, but not parents, siblings, or nephews
5 points yes: fathers, sisters, brothers, children

People with a score between 15 and 20 (one chance in three) and more than 20 (one in two chance) are most likely to develop diabetes, while those who score between 12 and 14 have a moderate risk. On the other hand, the risk is as low as less than 7.

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