Gasoline is skyrocketing, Draghi is thinking of a way out

The price of gasoline continues to rise and exceed 2 euros / liter: what is the government’s proposed solution for the summer?

In the past few days, the national average price of self-service gasoline has exceeded the ceiling of 2 euros per liter. These prices were already reached at the beginning of March, but at that time the reduction in the tax fee of 30 cents per liter, set by the government as of March 22, was not in effect. If we also excluded the tax deduction, today we would be in €2.31 per literThus, he broke the record of 1976.

The increases in crude oil prices in the market have rendered government interventions ineffective and somehow we must run for cover to limit the damage. In fact, these days we are thinking about capping the price of fuel, at least in relation to the summer months. Suggestion included in Amendments Help Decree. As always, speculation is skeptical and many fear international tensions could lead to further increases.

Gasoline how you want to handle increases

However, extending the reduction in excise duties to 30 cents is not enough and Draghi must find a solution ASAP. This hypothesis fuel cap Launched by the Democratic Party, which proposes a 60-day Dpcm. In this way, the costs of those who work and travel will be reduced, even if reaching one of the standards is not easy. The text simply states the definition of a “maximum selling price of fuel” as proposed by the Minister for Environmental Transactions.

Even the leader of the league, Matteo Salvinidefines himself as a proponent of the proposal: I asked Economy Minister Daniele Franco to renew the gasoline discount at least for the whole summer. Because if the war lasts for months, the price of gasoline could reach 3 euros per liter and for millions of Italians it would be a disaster.”.

It should be noted that the problem of high fuel prices does not concern Italy only. also in England Gasoline price skyrocketed. A full tank for British motorists costs 103 pounds, which is equivalent to 125 euros.

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