Gillette and “Not the Arena” in Moscow: “I do not accept lessons”

“I went to Moscow because I wanted to know the enemy’s point of view. Is this useful for the public? I think so. I am 60 years old and I do not want to give lessons to anyone but I do not receive any, especially from colleagues who live in buildingsMassimo Giletti opened Non è l’Arena by returning to the controversies that marked his trip to Moscow last Sunday. Geletti traveled to Russia to interview Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova via Skype. The interview was heavily criticized by insiders and users. “Maybe I was a Franciscan, and I did not “resolutely” oppose Maria Zakharova. But I was there in Russia to talk, and I was not here in the studio … ”, says Gilletti.

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“I expected that, by going to Russia, I would be able to expose myself to criticism. And the point is only one: is it useful or is it not useful for hearing the thoughts of the enemy? The publisher I care about most is the public. I have not responded in recent days to the attacks I have received, I said I was going to respond on TV. I’ve never done living room programming, I’ve always done something different,” he adds.

“I know very well that one exposes oneself by going where no one else tries to go. The point is only one: is it useful or is it not useful to hear the thoughts of the enemy? We have always said that Russia has invaded the other sovereign nation, newspapers and televisions all over The world does it, and they listen to “the others,” he continues. “La7 was the third national network that evening, and the audience was interested. I went there not only to meet with Maria Zakharova. I’ve spoken to many people, even Ukrainians.”

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