He was stabbed twice and shot dead in front of the police in the hospital

Madness in Russia: A 35-year-old man was killed by the relatives of a taxi driver whom the victim had hit a few hours earlier. The assault in the hospital was captured by video surveillance cameras.

Dramatic photos are those captured by a video surveillance camera in a . format Vladikavkaz Hospital, Russia. We see a man attacked by other people, stabbed first and then shot with a firearm. He will die shortly after from his serious injuries. According to the reconstruction of the Russian media – the video of the accident also appeared on the network – the 35-year-old Usmanov Murad attacked the man. Taxi driver family members Sergey Grigoryan, 79 years old. The latter had lifted the 35-year-old and for unknown reasons the young man at one point stabbed the elder in the stomach. An attack that resulted in Gregorian being taken to the hospital and Murad arrested. But shortly thereafter, the man who was also arrested ended up in the hospital with injuries to his arm. And there in the hospital, a few hours after the first episode, the second attack occurred, this time fatal.

The police are trying to stop one of the attackers

The police are trying to stop one of the attackers

The 35-year-old was attacked, at various times, by the family of the taxi driver (son, nephew and other relatives who were there in the hospital) who had been injured a few hours earlier. And all this happened even in front of the police. According to the reconstruction, the taxi driver’s nephew initially stabbed the man in the back and leg. The first assault in the hospital corridor. Then the doctors took the injured to the emergency room for treatment, but soon another taxi driver entered that room – it would be his son – who criticized him, Stabbed him in the chest and stomach.

At that moment the police rushed to the man to immobilize him, but another relative entered the room and Fired against 35 years. The agents, bound to obstruct the other relative, could do nothing to avoid it. The video shows the man falling to the ground after the shots. The man was urgently taken to intensive care, and the man logo shortly after. On the other hand, the taxi driver was saved.

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