Here are 3 things not to do at the beach when the stress drops due to heat, stress, sudden exhaustion, and more

When the temperature rises and we are at the beach, exhaustion can spread. Extreme heat can cause pressure to drop, especially when humidity and heat do not allow us to breathe. If we feel dizzy or have blurred vision, we must have some behaviors to ensure that the body is not damaged. The decrease in pressure is due to the fact that heat dilates the vessels after dehydration, which can be aggravated by excessive sweating.

Ignoring certain symptoms and getting up or eating suddenly when it’s hot can cause transient inconveniences that should be avoided. Especially in the elderly, these conditions can be dangerous and the trend of values ​​should be monitored several times during the day. If we decide to go to the beach and spend a few hours in a warm sunbath, then a proper diet can protect us from unexpected surprises.

Inappropriate vices

Adherence to certain behaviors when conditions become forbidden must be if we care about the health of our bodies. Increasing the amount of vegetables and fruits eaten during the main meals and snacks will bring many benefits and make the body more resistant to difficulties. Fatty foods should also be eaten in smaller quantities and we should prefer white meat and lean fish over these foods. Eating sausages, salty and canned foods can lead to serious digestive problems under the umbrella.

If we decide to do physical activity or play soccer, beach volleyball or tennis on the beach, we try to organize ourselves. A small movement is always recommended, as testing the body under the scorching sun can have opposite effects. Reducing the amount of coffee and alcohol on the beach can protect us from sudden changes in stress. Since these vessels are dilated vessels, excessive consumption of these substances will increase heat and make the situation worse.

Here are 3 things not to do at the beach when the stress drops due to heat, stress, sudden exhaustion, and more

The mistakes we often make are 3 mistakes, they are all serious and can make us feel really bad. The first is about hydration. Being in the sun for long hours, even under an umbrella, and losing a lot of fluid without drinking enough, is a behavior that should be avoided. In the summer, if we stay on the beach and move a lot, the water consumption should increase. Drinking less than 2 liters is considered a bad habit.

We should avoid exposure to the sun during hot hours. The rays are usually strongest during the lunch hour and the damage they do is greater. It would be better to look for a shaded area, even under the canopy we may encounter dangerous insolation.

Let’s avoid neglecting some potassium-rich foods that can be a real salvation. Apricots, watermelon and watermelon are rich in water and potassium, they give us proper hydration and help stress to stay at constant levels. So here are 3 things not to do on the beach that we must take into consideration for our fitness preference.


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