Here’s How Much Your Domestic PV System Costs With Crazy Discounts And Discounts For 2022

The installation of a domestic PV system today is also very convenient thanks to government incentives.

Among other things, as part of the various bonuses for maintenance and energy efficiency of the property, they enjoy tax deductions.

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However, the installation of photovoltaic panels is often hindered by purely aesthetic reasons. This is why solar roof tiles are created, a successful solution against high bills and landscaping limitations.

Domestic photovoltaics: costs and estimates

Given that a home PV system is an important economic investment, it would be helpful to know the options and estimate the costs.

First of all, please note that the government offers incentives to install a photovoltaic system. Personal income tax deductions can be from:

  • 50% restructuring bonus;
  • 110% with Superbonus;
  • 65% with Ecobonus.

The first two deductions must be included as driving actions within the property recovery. On the other hand, the latter can be used to replace winter air conditioning systems.

Alternatively, the example can be useful for estimating the energy needs of a household. Suppose we have a family of 4 people who are using household appliances and computers with a power of 3 kilowatts (kW). The power may increase with the use of the air conditioner or other technological devices. Sometimes the use of an electric stove or a boiler with a heat pump reaches 6 kW.

In short, the estimation of household needs is derived from checking the actual energy consumption of the most frequently used appliances and is measured in kilowatt-hours. In practice, it is necessary to check the power used in an hour.

Another important element that affects the purchase is the number of panels that will be used. Usually, on average, 1 square meter of panels is needed for every 10 square meters of surface.

So the beds in the previous example would need a number of panels between 9 and 18. This is just to use the photovoltaic system for domestic water heating and heating. So, with 12 panels, it will be able to get 3 kW of power equivalent to an average annual consumption of 3500 kW.

What is the average cost

The average cost of the plant is 12 thousand euros. Each panel costs an average of 1,500 euros per kilowatt. We must then add: 10% of the VAT, the cost of the inverter, the installation costs, any maintenance costs. If we take into account the various bonus deductions, we can also cover all the expenses for the installation of photovoltaic cells.

The cost of the system also depends on the type of board purchased. This is if imitation or with storage batteries. In the latter case, the cost is definitely higher even if there is a return on investment. In fact, equipping the PV panels with a storage system gives you a double tax advantage in addition to the maximum savings.

In short, if a conventional domestic 6-kilowatt photovoltaic system can cost about 12 thousand euros, then a system with a storage system will cost about 18 thousand euros. Also in this case, the family must consider: installation and maintenance costs, the costs of assembling the heat pump and storage battery.

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