How much money do you need to buy your dream home and what are the best financing solutions for renovation too

From a condominium to a single-family home, the majority of families in Italy live in a home they own. Because when you decide to start a family, you first think about getting a roof.

However, homes cost money and owning one often knocks on the doors of credit institutions. In order to obtain a real estate loan, it is repaid in monthly installments in proportion to the family’s ability to spend and save.

So let’s see, for a couple who decided to take the big step to start a family, how much a house currently costs in our country. Also, what are the best financing solutions? That is, I also prefer mortgages when you choose a property purchase formula with the goal of restructuring and energy redevelopment.

How much money do you need to buy your dream home and what are the best financing solutions for renovation too

In detail, homes in Italy are sold by the square metre. That is, based on the roof unit and for a price that varies according to many parameters. From the conditions of the property to the area through the presence or absence of annexes. Any garage and any land around it.

So, how much money is needed to buy a dream home? There is no standard price. However, in principle, nowadays for those who want to buy a house must take into account the purchase price of at least 200,000 euros.

How to buy a property while containing costs, from construction to renovation with 50% tax bonus

Moreover, for maximum savings, those who want to buy their dream properties can also focus on buying newly built apartments and villas. Or, for example, buying a house to renovate at a bargain price. Being able to access bank credit, as credit institutions also offer loans for restructuring.

In addition to receiving tax bonuses, provided for by the current legislation in Italy for the renewal of real estate. For example, in 2022 in Italy, the renovation bonus for apartment buildings allows a deduction of 50% of personal income tax. A maximum expenditure of €96,000 for exceptional and regular maintenance and building redevelopment interventions.


Buying a low-cost home without a mortgage and taking advantage of the monthly rent paid is possible in this particular case

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