If you used gold it could make you rich: here are the predictions

Few minerals can boast such a wide application and important cultural appeal asHe went, considered one of the basic elements of economics to be understood in the most general sense possible. Indeed, for a long time, gold was practically the basis of wealth, as well as marking the birth of the mint for the production of coins. No other metal is able to replicate the softness and strength of gold, which is also used in completely different fields.

Even if it is no longer classified as the “king” of minerals, due to the cultural changes and technological advances that have affected past centuries, gold remains essential to the development and management of economic and trade systems in general. In fact, almost all countries of the world have reserves of gold especially for “emergency situations”, as in its purest form this metal constitutes a safe haven, a kind of resource that does not suddenly lose its value.

If you used gold it could make you rich: here are the predictions

Used gold is also an important resource, both for private citizens and for structures such as jewelers, as alloys based on this metal can reuse gold used in the past, through an appropriate procedure. Golds vary in “purity” depending on the intended use but also on the specific country. In our country, the gold used in most cases is 18 karat, that is, a purity of 75%. This means that out of 100 parts gold, 75 are pure gold, while 25 parts are made primarily of copper, as “pure” gold is too brittle to be synthesized.

Gold has been on the rise for several weeks, especially in correspondence with the war in Ukraine, which undoubtedly changed the “desire” and need for gold, which is a safe asset, and even the alternative used can be more profitable: retail price “depends” on buyers individuals, but is currently valued at just over €40 per gram, with potential tendencies to go up very soon.

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