In the Donbass region, the electronic warfare of the Ukrainian Russians “blinded”-

It affects communications, guidance, artillery, fighters, drones or cruise missiles: before the attack in the east, the Russians used them sparingly. Endurance problems are increasing now

Small drones were sent in the reconnaissance fall. The pictures in their videos are “mysterious”. Wireless connections are not working. It is impossible to identify an advanced column of tanks, and difficult to issue and receive orders. Soldiers are “blind” and “deaf”, while Hell is about to turn their heads. I Field Consequences of Electronic Warfareaffecting communications and guidance systems, artillery, fighters, unmanned aircraft or cruise missiles. Moscow, at the tenth hour of the invasion, launched a major cyber action that was “invested” with minor consequences from Kyiv. In the following weeks The Russians used it sparingly, probably because they didn’t want to expose their systems too muchThey were afraid that some of the vehicles might fall into enemy hands. In fact, the Ukrainians took over – according toNews agency Which devoted an analysis to this front – Krasukha 4 (designed to interfere with satellite and radar signals) and Borisoglebsk 2, one of the most advanced samples, studied with an anti-drone key.

The picture has changed significantly in parallel with the offensive in Donbass. Experts repeat that traditional conflict requires the maximum integration of the various components that are called to act in a coordinated manner in heaven, earth and sea. For this it was necessary for the General Staff to increase the role of “electronic warfare”, that is, electronic warfare. Reports from the East indicate growing problems for the resistanceBecause of this activity on the part of the enemy. “They are creating an intervention where they can,” explained an official from the Ukrainian air reconnaissance unit Aerorozvidka. “We can’t say they are controlling, but they are holding us back significantly.” The Russians have intensified the presence of devices by linking them to targeted shots.

On May 26, a Russian defense spokesman announced Destruction of a Ukrainian intelligence center in DniproSouthern Mykolaiv region: according to a Moscow source, 11 local elements were killed e 15 foreign consultants. There are no independent confirmations, but it can be true, and in any case, the only news – specific – is confirmation of the severity of the engagement in this sector, which is It is based on three main elements:

1) Determine the opponent’s signal.

2) Try to weaken the enemy system (radios, cell phones, anti-artillery and anti-aircraft radar).

3) Confusion and deception.

The challenge is clearly more important at the current stage, where there are fixed positions, fiery duels, movements reduced to a few kilometers, and the need to strike from a distance. Gunners are likely to be less accurate, the small plane was sent where it no longer carried the scouts. Ukraine also uses the same weapons and can count on support – even here – from NATO: Allied planes flying along the western border and into the Black Sea draw “marks”, helping to identify potential threats. Elon Musk’s private satellite network has added an important feature, sometimes crucial to Special Forces incursions: there are 2,200 and provide communication for about 150,000 ground stations. But it’s only one side of the arena, it’s very close to the firing line.

The resistance received Turkish and Western supplies, and was always trained by the United States afterwards In the crisis of 2014 she found herself exposed to the best equipment and tactics of the Russians. So he has developed his skills, even if he is facing the skills of Russia, he has a lot of experience. This was seen in Syria, where the unit sent by the Kremlin to protect the system made widespread use of electronic disturbance with implications for the Global Positioning System (GPS): the Americans confirmed this, the Israelis confirmed it, but they continued to launch blitzkrieg attacks against Iranian targets in the region. Syrian. It’s an endless race, In order not to give up, you have to find the best.

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