Internet from home, canceling a landline and switching to a very large mobile subscription: is it really possible? –

From Giulia Simpanelli

Today it is possible to abandon ADSL and Fiber and replace them with a mobile subscription at affordable prices. But is 200 or 300 GB really enough?

Cancel the landline by replacing it with Very large mobile subscription? Today is possible. Fixed rate operators are getting more and more offers 200 or 300 GB packages. But is it really enough to browse without worries or restrictions, as is the case with fiber and ADSL?

Internet at home: average consumption

300 GB might sound big

, but in order to use it instead of wi-fi, it may not always be enough. An hour of Netflix 4K, for example, “consumes” about 7 GB, which is an hour of Apple TV + 8, so a subscription of 300 GB is equivalent to forty hours on these platforms. For those who live alone, it may also be enough, but if you live with other people, three or four roommates, or above all, with a family with children or teenagers, the need increases exponentially.

Internet games, in fact, consume a lot. As per WhistleOut analysis, for example, One hour of Fortnite assumes a consumption of about 100 MB of data traffic. Not to mention social networks: In an hour on TikTok, for example, up to 900MB can be consumed.

In addition to The speed of these solutions compared to fiber is much lower. But in the face of these “negatives” there is an important economic savings.


I have Offers a flat rate with 200 GB of 4G + traffic For 9.99€ per monthIncluding unlimited minutes and text messages.
barn Voice calls with the Evo200 offer 200 GB in 4G (plus unlimited minutes and 1,000 texts) At 7.90 € per month.
qana Provides unlimited calling minutes to all fixed and mobile numbers, a thousand text messages to all mobile phones and 150 GB of 4G internet (including 6.8 GB in 3G for browsing in Europe) For 9.99€ per month.
with Dati300
The Iliad Offers 300 GB of data For €13.99 per month, with 10 GB dedicated to roaming in Europe. The offer is valid until July 12th.

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