Isola dei Famosi, Lory Del Santo against one of the most beloved outcasts: “He’s the most lewd”

Venetian showgirl Lori del Santo, one of the heroines of the 16th edition, tells of her adventure in Honduras and publicly attacks an outcast.

Lori del Santo He was one of the heroes of the 16th edition ofFamous Island. It was removed during the last episode of reality show The Venetian showgirl is back on social media and on the occasion talked about her adventure Honduras that she shared with her boyfriend Marco Cucolo, who only left the estate this week due to health issues.

Isola dei Famosi, Lory Del Santo against one of the most beloved outcasts: “He’s the most lewd”

Laurie In the course of her reality TV adventure, she was often targeted by the group. In this regard, he explained what could be the reason for the hatred of some outcasts:

“I have to say not all of them, but only a part of them. They targeted me because they probably thought I was too strong and in fact they couldn’t keep me away”

The group’s feud against the showgirl was often led by them Nicholas Vaporidis And on the Romanian representative la Del Santo He has no doubts:

“I don’t want Nicholas Vaporidis to win because he was the most blackmailer of all time.”

As for its historian? Boyfriend Marco Cocolo, who eventually had some misunderstanding regarding his behavior with the group, the former outcast said:

“I’ve been with Marco for nine years and therefore our love is definitely very real but I think Al Jazeera has made him more popular.”

to me Laurie Finally, a comparison was made of her previous 2005 Celebrity Island adventure that she dedicated as the winner:

“I approached this island as if it was the first time I don’t remember the previous one because when people change, everything changes.”

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