It will be the largest park in Europe and there will be 3,500 employees for various jobs and professional personalities

In the wake of significant investments in new projects, which have led large companies to expand and seek the best possible team through new hires, PNRR is also contributing to this exponential growth.

The National Recovery and Resilience Plan was developed by the Italian State in order to facilitate the management of its business through funds. As expected, this allowed and allows to increase its resources within each sector.

Through PNRR funds and also through private investment, there is a great idea that may see the light of day soon. In Caserta, in Campania, a garden will be opened in which everyone, young and old, will be happy.

It will be the largest park in Europe and will employ approximately 3,500 people. There’s even talk of beating, in terms of size, Disneyland Paris. In fact, we did not expect such news.

You will be really pleased to have the largest garden in Europe in Italy. Anyone who has visited Disneyland Paris knows the size of the park all too well. Well, what will be built soon will have an extension of 100 hectares. Hence the need to create new jobs. Fortunately!

Ludo and Felix

The new Ludo and Felix park will be themed and the venue chosen is Caserta. In addition to its majestic royal palace and the beauty of the historic center, here’s another reason to visit it, which is the increase in Italian tourism. The construction of the park involves the employment of 3,500 specialists, who will perform various tasks. For example, the search for resources is carried out in the catering sector, in the technical field, in hospitality and so on.

The park is designed to entertain adults and children and enrich their cultural background. In fact, an area of ​​the park will be devoted to culture and entertainment. This, in fact, is what will distinguish this park from others.

It will be the largest park in Europe and there will be 3,500 employees for various jobs and professional personalities

To submit your application, you must go to the dedicated recruitment page, attach your CV and enter your details. It will also be possible to choose the business sector best suited to our needs.

Those who will be selected will receive a training course. There are still no specifics on whether or not employees should have a diploma, degree, or experience in this sector. Therefore, we invite our readers to refer to the relevant pages for more information.

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