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The singer to 240 million followers in the impressive video, half face closed, one eye closing and opening out of control: This is Ramsay Hunt syndrome
I have to cancel my tour dates

If Justin Bieber’s 240 million followers were a nation, they would be the fifth largest in the world after China, India, the United States and Indonesia. So when Bieber, who is the head of state for this giant transnational entity, fell ill, Choose Full Transparency: Instagram Story. I have this virus that attacks my ear nerve and my facial nerve, and It paralyzed my face – Bieber, 28, says in the awesome videoHalf a clogged face, one eye closing and opening out of control. As you can see, on the side of this eye I can not move the eyelid. I can’t smile on this side of my face. The nostril remains fixed. Should I cancel my tour dates: I’m obviously not physically capable. This is Ramsay Hunt syndrome(It’s caused by the herpes zoster virus responsible for chickenpox that lies dormant for years and can later reactivate and trigger these symptoms), the singer explained.

New rules of communication

It is curious that a music artist beloved by his fans (150 million records sold) chose a 100% unfiltered way to announce a serious illness, we must remember that The rules of communication – for everyone: companies, singers, athletes, politicians – have changed drastically in the past decade with the rise of social media., and that the character who came out of YouTube like him in particular could not, and could not, manage the connection as his colleagues did in the last century. Bieber bypasses expensive PR agencies, eschews image consultants, picks up the phone and speaks of himself – in this case his illness – as the ultimate reality show hero of his career, bypassing traditional media. He used to do it alone: ​​Canadian, of humble origins, as a child he sang in the street in Stratford, Ontario, twenty thousand, and played guitar (There is a famous picture of Little Busker in the yellow jersey and an extra-large blue baseball cap.) She always sings and dances: in her bedroom, in the dining room. Patti Mallette, a single mom – who had Justin 18, after teenage years of abuse and addiction – filmed the whole thing and uploaded it to YouTube. A few months later, Scooter Braun, a talent manager like Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato, took him with him to America, made him record once, his first hit, and from there he started one of the fastest careers in pop music history.

Overcoming addiction problems with the help of the wife

Critics once wondered whether success would disrupt the passage of puberty and change / lower the voice, without understanding that octaves and vocal range are antiquated standards. Bieber was also overcoming that hurdle, and continuing his career with a voice different from the one that made him famous, He always narrates himself alive, overcoming addiction problems with the help of Faith and his wife Hailey (Model and granddaughter of Alec Baldwin) As explained last year with the usual frankness A GQ American: I had the feeling of wanting more and more, no brakes, because despite all this success, I still feel sad and still sick. And I still have these unresolved problems. I thought success would change everything for the better and for me it was a soothing drug and a way to keep doing it… How much is all success in the world if in the end you always feel empty inside? There is a verse from the Bible that is often quoted: The truth sets you free, John, 8:32.

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